"I firmly believe that the most valid expression of an artist's accomplishments rests within the work he or she produces. Conversely, an artist's portfolio is an expression not only of their creative and technical abilities, but also of their business and logistical acumen. A completed and installed sculpture demonstrates not only artistic ability, but the demonstrated capability to bring complex projects to fruition. This portfolio is a visual summary of what I have accomplished artistically and professionally, I am proud of this work and hope you enjoy it!"
​This Whimsical Botanical piece stands over 12 feet tall and is permanently installed atop a concrete pillar in Lake City, South Carolina's Theater Park. The Piece was acquired by the Lake City Creative Alliance following exhibition at Artfields 2017.



Created by Matthew in 2019 for Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's Art of Play Exhibit, this giant interactive kaleidoscope delights and mesmerizes children of all ages. Representing Matthew's first foray into interactive, kinetic sculpture as well as his first significant exposure to acrylic as an artistic medium, the towering piece features three rotating pinwheels interconnected by means of a system of sprockets and roller chain. The kaleidoscope is operated by means of a wheel below the viewing port at the rear of the piece, allowing visitors to the exhibit to manipulate the piece themselves, providing each guest with a unique, personal experience.


​This piece was created in response to an invitation to submit a proposal for a piece of public art to be installed on the campus of a community center in Little Rock, AR. Each color in the circular piece symbolises individuality fusing into a synergistic relationship with the other colors surrounding it, contributing to the greater good while sacrificing none of it's own unique splendor.

Dharmic Bridge\
Birdpalooza I&II

​​​​These Suessean sculptures exist at the nexus of art and craft, combining the functionality of a massive multi chambered bird feeder with the whimsy inherent in so much of Matthew’s work. 
​Dharmic Bridge was a memorial commission and is privately owned, while the Birdpalooza series was included in the 2017 Imagine Exhibit at Airlie Gardens, Wilmington NC.


​​Arguably Matthew’s most popular body of work, his botanical sculptures are both scalable and modular. Each bloom is sculpted and finished independently, before being threaded onto any number of possible stem configurations. The size of such work ranges from a single bloom mounted atop a single graceful stem, to monument scale pieces consisting of dozens of individual blooms combined with other elements such as ferns or cattails. Botanical sculptures have been incorporated into wall mounted pieces as well, and are installed in a variety of private, commercial, and public venues nationwide.


Presence is Matthew’s second foray into the subject matter of a bonsaied cherry blossom tree. The piece was completed in 2018 and is part of a private collection in North Carolina. Matthew plans to one day create a monument scale version of this piece.


​​This dramatic monument scale sculpture towers 14 feet above the South Carolina lowlands delighting visitors to the Moore Family Botanical Gardens. The piece depicts two intertwined dandelions releasing their seed to the wind. The piece was created in 2016 from an assortment of reclaimed steel components.

Other Work

​Not everything that Matthew creates requires a trailer to deliver. Matthew has produced and sold a wildly varied body of smaller work, often exhibited alongside his larger pieces at shows, or in boutiques and galleries.