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​Sculptor. Artist. Innovator.

        Whimsical, wonderful, eccentric, and eclectic, the Imagine Exhibit by Matthew J. Leavell is sure to delight visitors of all ages! The Imagine Exhibit is a continually evolving collection of large scale colorful and imaginative artwork packaged as a traveling art exhibit suitable for public gardens, museums, and other admission based institutions. Originally exhibited at Airlie Gardens, an APGA member public garden facility in Wilmington, North Carolina, The exhibit continues to evolve as Matthew completes new large scale work for inclusion in the exhibit.

         The Imagine exhibit is specifically designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of potential guests representing a variety of ages, interests, and income levels. The potential benefits of hosting the exhibit include increased admissions, commission based art sales as well as income from themed gift shop item purchases, marketing and community outreach involving the artist targeted towards potential donors, and more. Matthew approaches each opportunity with an earnest desire to create a situation that benefits all parties involved and is tailored to meet the objectives of the hosting institution. Exhibitions are currently being scheduled for late 2018 and beyond. Contact us for more information and stay tuned for new exhibit related news.


Matthew J. Leavell