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The flowers are priced individually, as are the stems they are displayed upon. Individual blooms are currently  $125.00 apiece, and stems are priced at $25 per stem. The total cost of your piece is the sum of each of its components, plus sales tax if applicable, and shipping. (For Example; the purple colored, two stem grouping in the upper right-hand corner of this page, consisting of flowers #233 and #272 would price out as follows: two stems @ $25.00 each ($50.00 total) + flower #233 @ $125.00 + flower #272 @ 125.00, = $300.00 for the piece as pictured.) Each flower's caption includes pricing information, and three stem groupings and smaller can usually ship domestically via UPS for under $20.00.

      Welcome to Matthew's weird and wonderful shop of whimsy, where you can view an ever changing portfolio of his smaller scale botanical sculptures. These colorful handcrafted blooms have been a perennial favorite (pun intended) among patrons and at Matthew's shows and exhibits. Of all of Matthew's colorful and eclectic creations, these are among the easiest and most affordable pieces to ship, and we post them here to facilitate online ordering  and easy reference.

     Each component of every flower is handcrafted in Matthew's Mobjack, VA studio before being welded into place and painted in multiple layers and many blended colors of epoxy and urethane finishes. The flowers are then threaded onto stems or wall mount brackets forged from steel rod, painted, signed, and finished with felt padding underneath so as not to mar delicate surfaces. Single stems are available, as well as groupings of two, three, five, or more intertwined stems welded to a single baseplate, as seen in the photos on this page. While often displayed indoors, the pieces are fully weather proof, having been painted with products commonly used in the aerospace and marine industries. The manner in which the blooms thread onto the stems makes them interchangeable to some degree,  and customers who have the chance to visit one of Matthew's events in person are often found experimenting with several combinations of flowers before deciding on an arrangement that they themselves have assembled.

Matthew J.Leavell

We have considered an online storefront for pieces such as these for some time, but truth be told, this is an operation consisting of a single artist producing one piece of art at a time, with those products being marketed and sold by a small family owned and operated business. These pieces in particular sell nearly as fast as Matthew can produce them, especially when presented at an art show or exhibit. Thus our shipping time varies depending on whether or not a specific flower is in stock, or must be created, and Matthew's current commission and show schedules. Matthew is often able to accommodate orders with deadlines, such as a birthday or anniversary, but such things are best discussed via email or phone. Below is a photo gallery consisting of a variety of flowers, and you can click on each flower to view a caption containing a number. To inquire about ordering or commissioning a piece, simply fill out a contact form indicating the flower or flowers you are interested in by number, the stem configuration and approximate height (16" to 32"), and whether or not the request has a particularly restrictive deadline attached. Lisa or Matthew will contact you ASAP to work out the details.

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