​Matthew J. Leavell

​Sculptor. Artist. Innovator.

Contact us for pricing and availability. More recent work is displayed near the top of the gallery below.

Matthew's Colorful, Whimsical, and Durable botanical sculptures have been a perennial favorite among patrons at shows and exhibits all along the Atlantic Seaboard and beyond. Each individual bloom is handcrafted by Matthew using recycled and upcycled steel components painstakingly bent, cut, welded, and polished before being coated with several layers of durable epoxy finishes. Matthew paints his pieces with high end epoxy and urethane finishes such as Nason's Fulpoxy DTM epoxy primer and Dupont's (Axalta) legendary Imron 3.5 HG urethane topcoats. These finishes are typically used on aircraft fuselages, the topsides of seafaring yachts, and heavy equipment, so you can have confidence that your exterior art installation will provide decades of colorful, whimsical enjoyment. Each Bloom is fitted on the underside with stainless steel threads, allowing the blooms to thread into the top of any number of stem configurations, from single twisting stems to complex interwoven grouping of two, three, five, or more stems welded to a single baseplate. The portfolio below is filled with a variety of blooms that Matthew has made and sold over the last several years, recently completed pieces appear towards the top. New work is continually being created and custom color and design combinations are possible. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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